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Our mission is to facilitate permanent supportive housing for those who are homeless and to provide services to prevent homelessness. COMPASSION• ACCOUNTABILITY• RESULTS

511 N. Broadway ▪ (865) 524-3926

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The Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC) is a Knoxville-based, interfaith agency, founded by volunteers in 1987.  Today, gifted professionals develop and manage our programs, supported by dedicated volunteers.  Our case management approach and permanent housing solutions follow national best practices, which have consistently demonstrated that preventing and ending homelessness conserves public resources while helping individuals rebuild their lives.


Phone:  865-524-3926


Phone: 865-673-0235

Dental Clinic

Phone: 865-934-1746

Resource Center

Phone: 865-524-3926 x255

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Every Friday we celebrate accomplishments made throughout the week.  Whenever someone achieves housing, we make special recognition and present them with a VMC keychain as a daily reminder of how their hard work paid off.

Your monthly donation will help others like Annie move into an apartment of their very own.  Don’t you want to help put those smiles on their faces?

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Father Gregory J. Boyle

April 12, 2017

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July 14, 2017

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